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Two lines of engraving included with most urns

Urns & Other Merchandise

Black Plastic scattering urn included with cremation.

new black plastic urn

MDF Series

Full Size $100 | Keepsake $75

MDF Natural Stain

MDF Natural Stain

MDF Cherry Stain

MDF Cherry Stain

Picture Me Series

Full Size $125 | Keepsake $100

MDF Picture Me Natural Stain

Picture Me Natural

MDF Picture Me Cherry Stain

Picture Me Cherry

MDF Picture Me Black Finish

Picture Me Black

Solid Wood Urns

Oak & Cherry Urn | Full Size $175
Cedar Chest | Full Size $250




Kiri Biodegradable Urn

Includes full size urn, fertile soil, and your choice between 4 tree seeds $100

Kiri Biodegradable Urn

Kiri Biodegradable Urn

Kiri Cypress

Leyland Cypress Tree
Tree Zone 3-10

Kiri Red Maple

Autumn Blaze Red Maple Tree
Tree Zone 3-8

Kiri Honey Locust

Honey Locust
Tree Zone 4-9

Kiri Ginko

Tree Zone 3-8

Life Log

Full Size $150 | Keepsake $30


Full Size $200 | Keepsake $125

Acropolis White

Acropolis White

Acropolis Rose Quartz

Acropolis Saffire

Acropolis Amethyst Urn

Acropolis Amethyst

Acropolis Garnet

Acropolis Emerald

Acropolis Ebony

Acropolis Mottled Sable


Full Size $125 | Keepsake $40 | Heartshape $100

Spartan Nickel

Spartan Amber Gold


Full Size $125 | Keepsake $40 | Heartshape $100

Pantera Skye Blue Family Urn

Pantera Skye Blue

Pantera Purple

Pantera Brown Stone

Pantera Ruby


Full Size $200 | Keepsake $40 | Heartshape $100

Atria Purple Family Urn

Atria Purple

Atria Graphite Family

Atria Graphite

Atria Chestnut Family

Atria Chestnut

Atria Cardinal Red Family

Atria Cardinal Red

Atria Royal Blue Urns

Atria Royal Blue

Atria Royal Green Urns

Atria Royal Green


Full Size $200 | Keepsake $40 | Heartshape $100

Capella Purple

Capella Nickel

Capella Burgundy

Capella Bayou Blue

Capella Amber Gold


Full Size $200 | Keepsake $50 | Heartshape $100

Meron Prussian Blue

Meron Nickel

Meron Dusty Rose


Full Size $200 | Keepsake $50

Radian Water Swirl Family Urn

Radian Water Swirl

Radian Pale Swirl Family Urn

Radian Pale Swirl

Radian Granite Swirl Family Urn

Radian Granite Swirl


Full Size $200 | Keepsake $40 | Heartshape $100

Veteran White

Veteran Slate


Full Size $150 | Keepsake $40 | Heartshape $100

Modus Azure

Modus Russet


Full Size $200 | Keepsake $50 | Heartshape $100

Providence Sapphire

Providence Full Moon

Providence Crimson


Full Size $200 | Keepsake $75 | Heartshape $100

Andover Series Teal Butterfly Family

Andover Teal Butterfly

Andover Series Soaring Sable Family

Andover Soaring Sable

Andover Series Slate Leaves Family

Andover Slate Leaves


Full Size $200 | Keepsake $50 | Heartshape $100

Urn - Golden Tree Green Cypress

Golden Tree Green Cypress

Umber Wheatfields

Golden Rose Powder Pink

Doves in Flight

Butterfly Violet Sky

Candle Keepsake

Keepsake $100





Light Blue


Dark Blue


Pictures of memorial folders, prayer cards, guest books

Guest Books $45 | Memorial Folders or Prayer Cards $55 for 100 ($20 each additional 50)

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