Cremation Pricing

Simple Cremation $750

This includes the basic services charge for filing the necessary paperwork, local transportation of the deceased, the cremation container, the cremation itself, and the minimum (black plastic) urn.

Additional Services (to be added to the $750)

  • Home Removal (if second staff member is necessary) $60
  • Private Family Viewing or Witness of Cremation $120 – $240
  • Mileage over the first 20 miles $2/mile, one way
  • Funeral with Viewing (at 3rd party location) $1200
  • Having Funeral Director at Memorial Service (generally not necessary) $350
  • Upon Request – taking fingerprint (used for “thumbie” jewelry), lock of hair, separate keepsake portions of cremains- No Charge

Additional Merchandise

  • (have picture link to “view urns and other merchandise”) Urns $30-$185
  • Custom Memorial Folders (first 100) $55 + tax
  • Guest Book $45 + tax
  • Thank You Cards (box of 25) $10 + tax
  • Rental / Cremation Caskets (only for if funeral w/ viewing) $250 – $1020

Third Party Items

  • Death Certificates $13 for the first, $6 for each additional
  • Medical Examiner’s Cremation Authorization Fee (depending on county) $0 – $50
  • Postage for mailing urn; cost varies with weight and distance usually $40 – $90
  • Other third party items to consider include: newspaper obituaries, flowers, cemetery charges, luncheon, honorariums (for officiant, place of worship, musician, etc.)

Above is a simplified version of our services and costs.

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