Matthew Scott Rice

Matthew Scott Rice

Gifted to our family on May 24th, 1986 and returned to God on Mother’s day, May 10th, 2020.

Matthew passed away peacefully and unexpectedly at home, with his parents. He spent many, many hours rock hunting with his son Noah, it was their favorite past-time when they were together. He loved teaching Noah about rocks; which ones to look for and what type of rocks they were – the “Banger” was the prized find, but Noah really likes the “Crazy Legs” rocks. Any time he could spend with Noah was a HUGE event to Matthew, and he made the most out of every second. Matthew would spend hours researching the best rock quarries, making plans and creating fun adventures. He also loved taking Noah to Sea Quest and Dave & Busters.

Last winter, Matthew aka papa, Noah and Grandma went to Dave & Busters, all 3 of us took turns playing one particular machine, winning hundreds and hundreds of tickets; Matthew was a bit nervous to turn them in because there was so many, but he did and we ended up with quite the haul – all 3 of us ran out of the Mall, bags of goodies in our hands, making a bee line straight to our car laughing and in disbelief, what a fun memory!

He really would do anything, for anybody and enjoyed doing so. He was a great mechanic, his last position was at Borton Volvo – he really enjoyed working there and the freedom that his position had and he was proud of the fact that he was part of the Teamsters Union; he also loved to tinker and could spend hours and days creating something out of nothing, he was so smart and gifted when it came to things like that and he could fix just about anything.

To Noah, papa is everything and believe me when I say, Noah is everything to papa! When Matthew and I would pick him up for visits and overnights, Noah would always run and jump into his arms and yell PAPA!!!, so excitedly – and then the fun and adventures would begin.

Noah would speak in Spanish on the way back to our house, Noah was always so proud to show papa the new words or numbers he learned week over week.

When Noah would spend the night, they would usually be up playing and messing around until early morning. Noah has his own room, but preferred to sleep with papa; Noah would usually wake up way before Matthew, but would lay in bed next to his papa with his headphones on listening to the t.v. quietly and wouldn’t come out to eat or play until papa woke up. We have so many wonderful stories and even better memories of our son, I just wish there was another tomorrow to say goodbye and we love you son…

Matthew was so special to us, and we all miss him terribly. He was our son, brother, grandson, nephew, friend and most importantly he was Papa.

He is preceded in death by his grandparents, David and Janice Fernandez, Merolyn Peterson (Rice) and uncle Ronnie Rice. Matthew is survived by his son Noah, brother Steven Rice, parents Jeff & Jackie Fernandez, grandparents Ray & Regina Rice, many uncles, aunts, cousins and several life-long friends.

A trust fund has been established for Noah’s future, through an account set up with our bank; Noah will have full and complete access to all funds when he turns 18. Anyone wanting to contribute can do so via the Venmo app., all funds go directly into his trust fund from there – the search name in Venmo is Noah Rice

A celebration of life for Matthew will be held once social distancing ordinances are lessened, a notification will be sent out at that time.