As of Spring of 2020, Crescent Tide Cremation has no longer been involved with public funerals/visitations.  This change was due to COVID, but we are continuing this way moving forward.  This doesn’t change anything for the vast majority of our customers who use our services for cremation, and then may or may not have a memorial service/gathering on their own at their church or elsewhere. We are still available by phone 24/7, and by appointment at our office.

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Crescent Tide Cremation is available to assist 24/7 at the time of need regardless of whether there has been preplanning/prepayment. However, there are benefits to having our services arranged in advance including the following:

Peace of Mind

The time of death can be a very stressful time for survivors. Not only is there grieving, but there is often traveling, legal issues, and many decisions that must be made in a short period of time. Pre-planning funeral/cremation arrangements with Crescent Tide is a way to reduce the number of tasks that must be completed by the survivors at the time of death and add peace of mind beforehand. However, whether or not the funeral arrangements are made with a funeral home, it is best to communicate plans and expectations with family members.

Financial Concerns

Funerals rank as one of the largest purchases consumers make. Therefore it is often helpful to plan ahead financially as well. Funeral and Cremation Providers are not allowed to hold money in advance (this is for the consumers protection). Services are prepaid by setting up an irrevocable trust with a financial institution so that the money is protected in case of a Medicaid spend-down situation. Crescent Tide will assist in setting this up (we work with United Heritage) and Crescent Tide guarantees prices for services to protect against possible price increases.

Click here for a simple one page form to start the process for prepaying for services, or to have us keep your information/plans on file. Feel free to call us with any questions or if you want to make an appointment to meet with us in person to make these plans.


As of February 2021, we are partnering with Epilogg. This is a feature rich, interactive, and free platform for families to be able to create and be in control of their loved one’s obituary.

To view an archive of pre Feb 2021 obituaries click here.